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Apr 282009

Like any other language, the Hmong or Mong language, takes time to learn and get accustomed to. One of the most difficult things people have with learning the Hmong language, is the sound, because the spoken language is a tonal language, pronunciation makes a huge difference when you’re trying to say a word. The easiest thing about learning Hmong is, once you master the basics, writing and reading it is extremely easy. Some people spend only a few days learning how to read or write in Hmong, while learning how to pronounce it, can take months or years. Here are some great resources to start off with, if you’re interesting in learning more about the Hmong language.

  1. Hmong ABC

    Hmong ABC is the ultimate source for all Hmong books, artifacts, audio books and movies. Check out the Books section for unique titles like the English-Hmong Dictionary Pocket Reference.

  2. Hmong Language Group (Hmong LG)

    Created by the Hmong Language group, this exel document consists of a long list of Hmong Words which includes both Hmoob ‘Dawb” (White) and Moob “Ntsuab” (Green) words.

  3. Hmong Translated Material

    The Minnesota Department of Health offers a vast number of MDH materials translated into Hmong. We think this is the best way in really learning how to read/write in Hmong, by looking at real-life examples. In the process, you’ll learn a few things such as Parenting for children with Asthma, Immunizations, and Lead Poisoning!

  4. Being Hmong Means Free

    Learn about the Romanized Popular Alphabet that was created in Laos during the 1950s and the different tones in language.

  5. Hmong language

    Our resource list wouldn’t be complete without a wikipedia reference. This is a good place to start to get a general overview of the Hmong language.

  6. Bryace Schroeder’s Resources on Hmong

    An interesting collection of Hmong language in its many forms.

  7. Mong Literacy

    Though this website needs major design revamping, we do enjoy learning about the vast amount of information available on this website in regards to the Mong langague.

  8. Hmong Dictionary

    This website is a given, however we’d like to see a more user friendly approach to using the website, as well as a cleaner interface. Though we weren’t able to find some words, it is a useful resource if you’re searchig for simple words like “You” and “I”.

  9. The Languages: Hmong and English

    A Comparison of the cues between Hmong and English. A project created and managed by several individuals from the University of Minnesota.Hmong Translation

  10. Saturn Hmong Homepage

    Our last resource doesn’t seem to be working at the moment or has been taken down by its owner, but we decided to include it because, we want it back up! This is byfar the most useful resource (though we also recommend that the interface ought to be redesigned to have a more user-friendly touch to it). Check out an old version of the website, courtesy of English-Hmong and Hmong-English

Did we miss any other resources? Are there other resources that you have bookmarked or have recently come across that you want to see here? Tell us about it in the comments area! We are always excited to discover new or old resources!


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